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Are you a budding start-up, not sure where to begin? Or, an established business under pressure to stay ahead, looking to energise your audience?

GRAVITY STRATEGIC MARKETING is a new creative content agency based in London and Plymouth. We have a unique talent for eliminating the irrelevant and extracting the core of your brand, resulting in a wonderfully fresh and unforgettable creative design. We collaborate closely with our clients to get to the heart of their brand essence; discovering the distinctive virtues that will let them rise above the noise.

GravitySM is not your ‘typical’ creative agency. We bring an unusual blend of skill, thinking, and making. We write, design, art direct, develop, photograph, produce films, and much more. We break the rules and solve problems in distinctive ways. We have a unique background and talents which set us apart from the rest.

We believe that there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ project or client. We find ourselves undertaking everything from directing promotional films for large multi-nationals, to planning and creating digital campaign work for start-ups, and anything in between. It is this variety and diversity that keeps us passionate about our work and our clients.

GravitySM is all about creativity. It weaves through everything that we do. We build conversations with your audience by delivering persuasive design, from conceptual to visual, and technical.

Establishing a meaningful and convincing, yet powerful brand starts with clarifying exactly why you do what you do; and what you wish to achieve? We begin by deeply understanding your motivation, knowing your business, and defining your ambitions.

We construct brands, not merely logos, websites, or brochures. From print to digital, we support you in bringing your brand essence to life. Combining brilliantly crafted visuals, powerful storytelling, and skillful execution, we generate engaging and unforgettable brand experiences that resonate with your audience.

Simply, we aim to create measurably distinctive work that gets people to sit up, take notice, and remember your brand. Our work talks to, and relates with your audience. If we get them chatting about your brand and engaging with your company, then we have accomplished our goal. We will work with you, regardless of whether you are a start-up or a large corporate to find a solution that meets your goals, and your budget, no matter how small or large.

We aim to be more than merely another creative agency; instead, our goal is to be an integral part of your business and brand. We deliver this by supporting our clients in offering a comprehensive suite of services and collaborating with each client, uniquely and individually, to develop responses to each brief that excites and empowers.

Some of our creative services include:

  • Creative Strategy
  • Corporate Identity & Logo Design
  • Branding & Brand Strategy
  • Video and Photography
  • Print Design & Delivery
  • Digital and Social Media Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Infographics & Data Visualisation
  • User Interface Design

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